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Love the fresh feel of this pastel pink Dutch front door and painted white wide plank porch with potted lavender.

VEGAN & GF. 'Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars' that are wholesome, super clean, nutritionally balanced, naturally sweetened and have the added superfood goodness of chia seeds and hemp seeds! Eat one square alongside a smoothie for breakfast or as a yummy post-workout snack. From The Glowing Fridge. #vegan #breakfast #bar

easy poster frame -

hanging "frame" for poster or fabric print, etc... made with 2 1x2' boards each top and bottom, hole drilled at each end with screw/bolt thru, plus washer on front if want, add bit of cardboard or sticky tape, etc, between boards as buffering...long piece of twine with open loop tied at each end slipped over bolt between boards...tighten and hang