Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart

Graphic designer, web designer with an appreciation for usability. I do Thesis and Headway Wordpress customization. Love cartooning. Richardson, Texas · http://
Amy Stewart
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We're proud to see "Hell on Wheels" using Letterhead Fonts for their signs. Looking forward to season 5 starting July In the meantime, enjoy these captures from season 4 via Netflix.

Colon Plush - You Move Me

I Heart Guts internal organs plush toys(?) This colon plush wants to do more than just make excretory magic -- it wants to be your friend!

swarm shapes made with tiny robots that figure out how to move within the group-- fascinating

Articial intelligence multiplies as Kilobots join in formation of world's largest robot swarm. tiny robots act independently & swarm into two-dimensional shapes.

Latte Art by Japanese Artist Mattsun

We just found the work of another awesome coffee artist. These tantalizing latte portraits are the work of Japanese latte artist Mattsun, currently treating people to delicious works of caffeinated.