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Chaitya (Stupa) Mandala with Auspicious Symbols and Syllable Mantras, Thangka Tibetan Thangka Painting

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Tibetan Mandala

Tibetan mandala symbolize the universe as well as the natural perfection and harmony in nature. he monks' art is called sand mandala.

Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra Mandala is an ancient symbol of the Hindu Tantra tradition. It represents the union of the feminine (Shakti) and the masculine (Shiva) power.

Mandala of Jnanadakini, late 14th century, Tibet (a Sakya monastery). Distemper on cloth. Purchase in 1987. The artist is anon. The style of this mandala is like Nepal's.  This mandala is a palace seen from above. It is presided over by a female Buddha, Jnanadakini. She has 6 arms & 3 heads. She sits on a lion throne. 4 female guardians sit in the doorway of the gates. Sakya Pandita in the center, a Kagyu teaching lineage runs to the left from Pandita, Kadam teaching lineage runs to the…

Mandala of Jnanadakini. The central six-armed goddess, Jnanadakini, is surrounded by eight emanations of the devi that correspond to the colors of the mandala’s four directional.

Order online beautiful #Mandala #Thangka Paintings realized by master artworks.

Order online beautiful #Mandala #Thangka Paintings realized by master artworks.

Chakrasamvara mandala, Nepalese painting from 1490

Chakrasamvara mandala, Nepalese painting from Cakrasaṃvara Tantra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia