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Shayna Thiesmeyer
Shayna Thiesmeyer
Shayna Thiesmeyer

Shayna Thiesmeyer

  • Washington State

A 21 year old college student who spends entirely way too much time on this thing.

Life begins at erection. How'd 'ya like THAT? How quickly things would change if men were punished for 'spilling their seed', instead of women being punished for wanting control over their bodies. <---- What SHE said.

These baked spicy sweet potato fries are addictive!And just 154 calorie a serving.

These fun Crunchy Taco Cups are made in a muffin tin with wonton wrappers!  Great for a taco party/bar. Everyone can add their own ingredients and toppings! Crunchy, delicious, and fun to eat!

This strawberry shortcake cake is a lovely change from the traditional strawberry shortcake. Layers of rich buttery cake filled with smooth cheesecake and chopped fresh strawberries.

Roasted Strawberry and White Chocolate Rainbow Chip Cake

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes with Coffee Icing and Cream Cheese Frosting - Bakingdom

“You belong among the wildflowers You belong in a boat out at sea You belong with your love on your arm You belong somewhere you feel free” ― Tom Petty

Really loving this color palette for spring! #stripes #grey #yellow #whitejeans