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Parts of Speech Word Sort #1

Parts of Speech Word Sort 1

Coordinates in video game programming puzzle by James Potter

Twitter / StickAroundApp: Coordinates in video game ...

Living and Nonliving Things

Living & Nonliving Things

Match the slogan to the logo

Slogans & Logos

Definitions of Words with Prefixes by Jessica Allen

End Punctuation Puzzle

Twitter / dereklperry: Punctuation Puzzle! Stop the ...

Adding Prefixes to Words

Modes of Transportation

Butterflies and Moths

Comparing Butterflies and Moths

Pair the cartoon faces with feelings

Match pictures to their occupations

Twitter / dereklperry: Match these pictures to their ...

Parts of the Ear

Twitter / dereklperry: Labeling parts of the ear. ...

Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline

Label the Continents

Twitter / dereklperry: Labeling the continents puzzle! ...

Homophones - Play each sticker's audio to help you match it with the correct homophone.

Homophones — Learning in Hand

Match the time with the clock

Root of the Matter Puzzle

Root of the Matter

Food Groups and Portion Size

Twitter / dereklperry: 2014 healthy eating puzzle! ...

Parts of a Compound Microscope by Lisa Pospishil

Parts of a Compound Microscope

Reasons Why I Love My iPad in School

Twitter / dereklperry: Do you love iPads in classrooms? ...

Do you know your U.S. presidents?