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    Durable Dust Powder Chips Collector Commander Cyclone Vacuum Filter Separator

    Dowel Centre Point Pin Wood Tools Accessories For Drill Hole Accurate Alignment

    Sieg X2 Variable Speed Dovetail Milling & Drilling Machine (Mill Drill)

    A Mill can work as a drill press, and do much more, so is pricer, but much more flexible - - $1090aud

    M649 | BF-16V Mini Mill Drill - Geared & Tilting Head | For Sale Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth

    The little old drill press is beginning to show its flaws.something like this might be a nice upgrade. - $352aud

    D590 | BD-325 Bench Drill | For Sale Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth

    EDCGEAR Keychain Box Tool Case w/ Knife / Saw / Bottle Opener / Screwdriver / Barcode Sheet. Interesting knife / tool. Seems bulky and not so practical compared to a traditional pocket knife

    EDCGEAR Keychain Box Tool Case w/ Knife / Saw / Bottle Opener / Screwdriver / Barcode Sheet

    Hanwei Paul Chen Multi Tasker Strange multitool. very odd, but interesting!

    Hanwei Paul Chen Multi Tasker

    Gentleman's Apron. I'm sure I could find a use for this next year teaching art!

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    Reach into Tight Places with a Ratchet Extender

    The Top 25 Automotive Tools Every Mechanic Needs

    I do like tools, road cases,and the idea of organised tools!

    Four Design Approaches to the Modern-Day Toolbox: Part 2 - The Modular Yet Monolithic MobilMarie Aims for Library-Like Organization

    cheapo knockoff swiss army knife it looks like the pliers might be ok to usn in a franken tool

    Black Swiss Champ 111mm Switzerland Stainless Steel Knife Multifunctional Folding Army Knives Outdoors Survival Knife Original-in Knife from Home Improvement on | Alibaba Group

    Topeak-Ratchet-Rocket-Lite. hex bit ratchet set. also has a hex bit receiver in the end to use it as a screwdriver.

    Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX 12 Function Tool NEW Bicycles Online

    Handy tool for squarely aligning taps and avoiding broken taps. This version has a vee slot along bottom for tapping round stock. Use Tap Magic for great results. For smaller taps ( 00-90, 0-80, 1-72 and 2-56) I made similar tool from 1" dia. brass rod stock and a series of drilled holes to accommodate the thread diameters. Found the tube and hole cleaning brushes on eBay - pretty handy idea I thinks

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    A new modern traditional from Opinel - The No. 09 DIY Knife (aka. Couteau Bricolage) - Page 2

    A new modern traditional from Opinel - The No. 09 DIY Knife (aka. Couteau Bricolage)

    Victorinox-Cybertool-29-Red-Translucent-Swiss-Army-Knife-1-7605-T - neat,and i think the most compact of the cybertools - about $120 on ebay

    Victorinox Cybertool 29 Red Translucent Swiss Army Knife 1.7605.T

    Swiss +Tech Transformer Micro-Wrench 7-in-1 Pocket Tool Kit w/LED. I'm not sure about all the plastic around it, but I find the mini shifting spanner interesting

    Swiss +Tech Transformer Micro-Wrench 7-in-1 Pocket Tool Kit w/LED

    Crazy visegrip / mutitool mashup. Its a bit hacked together comared to the leatherman crunch, or the kershaw, but interesting none the less. US $49.95 New in Home & Garden, Tools, Hand Tools


    MT.O Prybar Tool 3mm 3d printed from shapeways

    MT.O Prybar Tool 3mm by Tofty on Shapeways


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    edc tool

    Everyday Cutlery : Photo

    Sweet swiss army knife modification. Someone should make these propperly!

    Show off your Sak mod's! - page 135 - The Mod Squad

    SOG-SWP1001-CP-Switch-Plier-2-0-Multi-Tool - pretty neat multitool plier mechanism

    SOG SWP1001-CP Switch Plier 2.0 Multi Tool with puch button one-hand opening

    GERBER-GRAPPLER -intruguing locking plier multitool from gerber.

    GERBER GRAPPLER Gerber réf. GE000333

    RS232 Serial tester | Skjold Display

    Handheld Rs232 serial data tester

    Fractions of an inch to MM. Always handy. Might be handy to print off and keep around actually

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