Serena Verrigni

Serena Verrigni

Serena Verrigni
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The black and white pictures of Keira Knightley, taken by Patrick Demarchelier for Interview Magazine, shows the actress topless and unphotoshopped, not the least bit worried by the conventional 'big breasts, tiny waist' Hollywood beauty standard.

Tazza porta biscotti!

Like to have biscuits with your coffee? Have less dishes to clean up later with the Dunk Mug, an unusual-looking mug with a place for cookies and biscuits on

Giacca "abbracciami"

I love the hands.Fashion designer Si Ieong Chan has created Hug Me, a Fall/Winter collection of men’s outerwear that includes a green puffy jacket with five sets of interlocking hands, a pink gingham suit with wrapping/grabbing hands and more.

In treno, al mare...

Not since The Clapper has an invention so simple yet so brilliant come along as the thumb ring book page holder. Designed to comfortably fit around your thumb, this clever tool will make reading softback books easy with the use of just one hand.

Per scaldare la fredda e umida stagione delle piogge

Cup Holder Umbrella: A creative umbrella that comes with coffee cup holder integrated into the handle.