Can you say "shabby chic"?

So cute for Tess's room! Can you say "shabby chic"? This dresser would go great against a metal grey or harsh white wall.

If I did Mid Century, this is exactly where I would go. retro bright turquoise and red goodness.

Wedgewood Stove

Green Style: The Prettiest Wedgewood Stove

Green Style: The Prettiest Wedgewood Stove This is the exact stove my Mom cooked on when I was growing up. It was in my Grandma's kitchen and we lived in her house. Color is the same and everything. WOULD LOVE to have that old stove back now.

I want this kitchen but with red!

I adore this kitchen! I love how the backsplash, fridge and stove are the perfect turquoise color! vintage stove and fridge in bright colors, with white cupboards to showcase them) - maybe different colors for the appliances

Adrian Pearsall blue tweed MCM sofa

Love the legs and built-in end tables on this Adrian Pearsall blue mid century tweed sofa - via Etsy.

Good slogan!.

Vintage Condom Ad "I take one everywhere I take my penis!" No motor oil or sandpaper while using condoms.

Love this pic....

REFERENCE: for / Rockabilly Hair / Makeup Costumes & Staging ! - MIGHT be helpful at some point in time!rockabilly love the plaid with the hair and bandana

Mid-Century dream kitchen!

mid-century modern kitchen - If it were still in perfect working condition I would take it :)