Remember when bottle caps were lined in cork??

bottle caps lined with cork. You'd try to pull the cork out intact. It was a mark of pride to get an entire cork out without it ripping apart.

TV went off at midnight....right after the playing of the National Anthem.

Did You Know This About the White House?

TV went off at midnight.right after the playing of the National Anthem. The National Anthem should STILL be played at midnight even if TV is

Cars used to have a bench front seat and we stood in the middle with NO seatbelt. Mom would put her arm out at stops so we wouldnt fall!

Clipping on her seat belt in a car from the plastic (vinyl) upholstered bench front seat, short-shorts, rocket bra, and heals. Love her long legs and that the car is standard shift.

Dick Clark's American Bandstand Top 10 Songs (1967)

Dick Clark's American Bandstand Top 10 Songs Who could ever forget watching American Bandstand. Every artist lip sunk to their songs. Madonna told Dick she wanted to rule the world and she just about did.

Remember the BIG catalogs?  1960s

Remember the BIG catalogs? I especially loved the Sears 'Christmas' catalog. many a night, circling things that I wanted Santa to bring! Of course it helped that my family had a Sears Catalog Store!

Neeeeeddd I say more The reason I sleep with a humming machine all night. I miss falling asleep with my rollers and hairdryer!

there was no such thing as hair dryers so I had to either iron my hair NOT,or take the bonnet off Portable hair dryer.with plastic bonnet.

used for sprinkling clothes with water before ironing

On the subject of ironing who remembers this contraption. Used to sprinkle clothes prior to ironing. Clothes line dried. I remember this so well. Had to use it to iron my dad's shirts every week plus we ironed bed sheets back then too.

Love this 1950s High-Chair! Brings back memories to!

High chair - This photo brings back a ton of memories. I had a high chair exactly like this when I was a kid. Here's the high chair like the one at nana's house!

Short and Sassy shampoo

Short and Sassy shampoo. I never understood why short hair needed special shampoo. My mom got this for me after I got my Dorothy Hamill haircut.


Dippity-do to set your curls. My mom was the Dippity-do queen. She would twist my hair into curls held in place with bobby pins until dry.

Lend me your comb

Kookie, Kookie, Lend me your comb - my brother should have had stock in brylcreem back then.

nut dish -

nut dish -still have this one-its perfect for nuts when you can find them still in the shell to buy-usually only in the fall