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Medieval Wardrobe

A board for two eras, really: c. 1050-1150 and c. 1400-1500. Careful choices and accessorizing would make outfits suitable for Rohan and Narnia looks as well.

Medieval Wardrobe

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abito tania 14th Century

Dressing a Slate Frame (medieval embroidery)

Dressing a Slate Frame

Bedchamber of King Edward I in the Tower of London. Typical upper class room of the late 13th century.

Anicia Faltonia Proba (Faltonia Proba teaching the history of the world since the Creation through her "Cento Vergilianus de laudibus Christi") -- BnF Français 599 fol. 83

Bible_krale_Vaclava_IV [Wenceslaus IV?]

Have a look at what the British Museum put up! "In Anglo-Saxon art there is always more than meets the eye."

Decoding Anglo-Saxon art

Purse embroidered with English and French coats of arms, linen embroidered with silk and lined with linen, 1st half of 14th century.

Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nürnberg | Objektkatalog

A picture of the actual St. Birgitta’s cap by C. Dahl

Medieval inscribed golden Sapphire ring. Italy, late 14th century; sapphire with Islamic inscription, 10th century?

Slains Castle, Scotland

Fresco from Santa Maria Novella in Florence,"Way of Salvation",1365-68. Andrea di Bonaiuto.

Reinette: December 2012

4 Medieval Cookie Recipes

Traditional Cookies of the Renaissance

Astrida & Stephens Glampy Pennsic camp. Her hand painted panels are pretty amazing, as is their pavilion.

Detail, Tristan trapunto quilt ca 1360-1400. V&A.

Heure de Charles d'Angoulême. Horae ad usum Parisiensem, 1475-1500. BNF Latin 1173, f.20v. Reminds me of those postcards I used to buy at the Moravian Bookstore. Who was that artist?

Horae ad usum Parisiensem.

Casket with the scenes of courtly love Limoges France about 1180

V - Medieval & Renaissance Galleries- Wall Hanging, Germany, 1370-1400 - detail

Jean Hey, known as the Master of Moulins (active Lyon and Moulins, c. 1480-c. 1505). Madeleine of Burgundy Presented by Saint Mary Magdalene...


Cotton pre-sewn banner from Dharm Trading Co. 18x28. $6.95. Got one - now I need to get painting!

St. George and the Dragon, detail of the Princess, c.1445-50 (oil on panel), Haller, Jost (c.1410-c.1485) / Musee d'Unterlinden, Colmar, France / Giraudon / The Bridgeman Art Library

DH-FL: Dress Hook £4.50 Late Medieval/Tudor dress hook after an original find from Nottinghamshire. C.1400 - C.1600. 14mm wide x 30mm long.

Epicharis filant. Femme romaine affranchie (Epicharis, a freedwoman) -- BnF Français 599 fol. 79v

File:Epicharis BnF Français 599 fol. 79v.jpg — Wikimedia Commons

Bed cover - The Tristan quilt, c. 1360-1400, V&A

The Tristan quilt (Bed cover) | V&A Search the Collections

Tapestry with Hungarian–Angevin arms | Budapest History Museum Quilt historian Lisa Evans points out this patchwork textile which was found at the bottom of a castle well in Budapest. The silk textile is worked in both patchwork and applique, with blocks about a foot square, alternating setting squares pieced of red and white with appliqued blocks with the Árpád and Angevin devices (referring to King Charles Robert, whose father was king of Naples and Duke of Anjou, France).