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knit: socks: heels + toes

knit: socks: heels + toes

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Math4Knitters: Dyad Socks - I wanted to explore the easiest way I know to make a two-color sock: one color for the heel and toe, and another for the rest of the sock. I was also eager to use a band heel and a toe to match. In Sock Architecture, they are worked both from the top down and the toe up in five sizes, plus a plug-in-your numbers size.

Math4Knitters: Dyad Socks

Easy toe-up shaped heel that doesn't require picking up stitches.

QueerJoe's Knitting Blog: Search results for sock heel

Checked and Square #Socks So, this time I didn't try to get fancy with the name. These socks are in a checked pattern and have square heels. Easy!

Math4Knitters: Checked and Square Socks


Ravelry: Maudie pattern by General Hogbuffer

Fish Lips Kiss Heal...I haven't tried this because I'm not a huge fan of toe up socks but I thought it would be interesting to check out at a later date :)

Ravelry: Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern by Sox Therapist
  • Jacqueline | weelittlestitches
    Jacqueline | weelittlestitches

    It's one of my favourites! And you can use it for toe-up or top-down socks.

  • Angi

    This is such a fantastic heel! And the resulting sock is much more comfy than a heel-flap heel.

Category » Knitting « @ hey porkchop!

Category » Knitting « @ hey porkchop!

Fish Lips Heel Abigail Phillips Regan Truax://

Ravelry: Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern by Sox Therapist

sherman short row technique for toe-up socks

Cabezalana: The Sherman Short Row Sock: A Pictorial Tour

On Your Toes: A New Cast-On - The Square Toe Cast-On.

On Your Toes: A New Cast-On

Miss Margaret Socks. The heel on this is my favorite part. That and the way the knit ribbing drizzles into the spiraling stitches. Also, the decorated arch detail is in full force here. Must get away from knitting all sample socks in pink. Hand knit sock pattern by Katie Franceschi

Ravelry: Miss Margaret Socks pattern by Katie Franceschi


A rounded toe without that 'side seam' for all your Toe-Up sock patterns ~MayMay~ best roomy toe I have found yet and the increases are easy

Tutorials - The Knitting Swede

Toe up Band Heel

Square toe cast on for socks

On Your Toes: A New Cast-On

A very clear tutorial, better than video!!!!! Unraveling the Short Row Heel: A Tutorial on Craftsy

Unraveling the Short Row Heel

Knitted Toe Up Sock Heel Tutorial - One of the biggest issues I’ve had with knitting toe up socks is dealing with gaps in the heels. For some reason, no matter what method I tried, I had gaptastic heels. I finally discovered a short row method that makes perfect heels. It is based on slipping a wrapped stitch and an unwrapped stitch and smushing the heck out of the stitches that I was reactivating.

No Muss No Fuss heel

  • Emily K
    Emily K

    This is so useful! Thank you!

Different Ways to Start Toe-up Socks.

sock heel choices

The Tsarina Tsays… » Blog Archive » Impaired
  • marge strebel
    marge strebel

    I enjoy the sock pictures!!!

9 inch circular needle

WIP Wednesday: toe-up socks! | FreshStitches

A very good step by step picture tutorial on toe-up socks by Heidi Bears

Heidi Bears: Designing a basic sock...Part 2

Top down socklett with Turkish heel

Sunberry socklet : Knitty Spring+Summer 2013

No Sock Holes For You - knitting trick to avoid hole when you knit the heel

Fleegle's Blog: No Sock Holes For You

favorite toe shapes for knitted socks

Tips and Tricks

Ornamental by Nuoska on Knitty must knit

Ornamental sock : Knitty Spring+Summer 2011