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Lewis Stocks M.D.
Lewis Stocks M.D.
Lewis Stocks M.D.

Lewis Stocks M.D.

An innovator & visionary in age management. Inspiring people to live longer, more vital lives & experience optimal health with bio-identical hormone therapy.

We're excited about adding another dimension of concierge care to fill a need in Women’s Health. Welcome, Lisa! For additional details of concierge care please call one of our coordinators at 919-850-0880.

The Blood Sugar Solution has so much to offer. The message in the book, coupled with testosterone replacement, and the judicious use of products like pGX that block the absorption of carbs, as well as a prescription for Metformin, will bring about significant healthy weight loss.

Best Exercises to Burn Your Belly Fat

Maximize Your Health With Optimum Nutrition & Age Management

There is such thing as male menopause AKA andropause.

Effectiveness Of Statins: Health Issues Revealed

Do you suffer from mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, headaches, fatigue, or weight gain? Antidepressants are not the answer. Listen to Dr. Hotze tell you how to get rid of these symptoms naturally.

A year of hormone optimization has allowed this female physician to get her life back.

Learn about hypothyroidism and how low thyroid function affects your health

Understanding how testosterone works and how it affects the body is important for the treatment of conditions involving the male testes, hypothalamus, pituitary gland or genetic material such as hypogonadism and infertility in men.

Men who suffer from health complications of low testosterone levels may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, it can be treated by your physician in an individualized approach. There are a number of treatment options available including gels, patches or injections. Discuss it with your doctor.

Lunges are a great addition to women's fitness workouts, as they target the thighs and buttocks, areas where many women need to focus on muscle toning.

How to Planche Tutorial TIP- Learning the planche progression exercises

Say hello to the 'No-Weights, No-Problem' workout. Stay on-track with your fitness goals—even when the gym's far away.

12 delicious & healthy snacks

Suzanne Somers shares medical breakthroughs on her new book, Bombshell.

Suzanne Somers new book Bombshell

Fish oil will help you enhance the quality of your workouts and improve your overall health.

Is Your Workout Working? These Simple Home Fitness Tests Let You Know

Testosterone by Pellet Implant Shows Health Benefits in Men with Low Testosterone