Inter-species Friendship: It's just too adorable.

Such a sweet photo!

Who needs a pony when you can ride a draft!

Hey everyone its Lisa! I made a new board while this one was down for 2 weeks its all about Animals!! Animal Lovers this is the board for you! You can just go hit follow or request an invite,You will LOVE it!

Our food and agriculture in numbers: FAO collates and disseminates food and agriculture statistics from approximately 245 countries and 35 regions from 1961 to the present.

farming looks easy when your plow is a pencil + you're a thousand miles from the corn field. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

The best classrooms smell like a barn. Give it a Pin if you agree!

Truer words never spoken. #Farm #Quote #FarmLife #Stanpac #FarmsThatFeedUs #FarmersFeedCities

Peek-a-moo by, via Flickr

Farm family.....I want this saying on a hay field picture

Thankful for the stock

Tired little cowboy - Via Andrea DeSherbinin, awe I fell asleep with my calves as a kid to lol

2000+ Reasons Why GMOs Are Safe To Eat And Environmentally Sustainable - What are your thoughts on the debate?

"Ask the Farmers" Get Real with #MilkTruth blog post.


Start each day out right with 8 grams of protein. #MilkTruth

Mom...the strongest love ever...

BLESS our FARM and ANIMALS Sign/Farm by TheGingerbreadShoppe, $21.95 have it say our name and est. instead of and animals


With a little help from AgStar, some thoughts on farmers: a different type of leader

Meet Snickerdoodle! Isn't she cute?

#goatvet likes this infographic about the stomachs of ruminant livestock.

Love this face!

modern farming