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Zeitgeist: Dominating Ideals

Relates to values, things that matter to an individual or community

Zeitgeist: Dominating Ideals

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Today's consumer appreciates being "in the know" and discovering products and specials on their own. Secret menus are a trend on the food industry- customers must ask for the special item that is not on the menu. The same could be applied to the apparel industry. Products may not be on store shelves, but those who are in-tune with a brand know there is more available.

Over the last few years increased attention has been paid to the issue of bullying. Celebrities like Lady Gaga have have called for young people to stand up against bullying and to accept those who are different. This movement shows the increased acceptance of people regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, size, ability or interests.

GQ argues the U.S. is not longer made up of red or blue states, but a spectrum of colors. This comedic map is an example of the humor that has been brought to politics by the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert but it also reveals that as a country our beliefs aren't quite to black and white as our two major political parties might lead us to believe.

Kjerstin Gruys went a year without looking in a mirror as a self image experiment and blogged about her experience. She continues to write about issues with body image and a recently discussed the trend of celebrity acceptance of wearing a "size 8" and being proud of their everyday women size, even if this size is below the national average. Are we seeing a greater acceptance of various body types? Do we understand that a size 8 varies from one brand to the next and that numbers don't mean much?

Chick-fil-A created some controversy when president Dan Cathy expressed his stance against gay marriage. Protests around the country as well as acts of support reflect the social changes happening in the United States.

Realistic optimism in a time of economic turmoil. Look for other ways this kind of optimism is expressed whether it be through color palette, motif, silhouette or design details.

For the first time, a male model will be features on game show The Price is Right- however he will only appear on the air for a week. The female models have been given more substantial roles on the show since Drew Carey took over as the host, but this may raise questions about gender roles. Do we have a tendency to still place women in decorative roles more frequently than men?

At Last, The Price Is Right Diversifies Its Sex Appeal

Circus Waffle Maker by Bella. Fun and cooking seem to be hand in hand these days. Cake pops and cupcakes seem to be early examples of smaller serving sizes and more playful presentation of food. With a sluggish economy, fun with food may be a positive way for people to splurge a little bit.

Bella Circus Waffle Maker by Bella at Gilt