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With thin wire and nail polish to do some pretty flowers

With thin wire, glue and nail polish to do some pretty flowers.
  • Dorothy Clark
    Dorothy Clark

    What medium makes up the colored pedals. It seems impos sible to be only nail polish.

  • Renae Mannion
    Renae Mannion

    You have to use craft glue before the paint for this to work. It takes a few tries but is possible.

  • Muriel Harrison
    Muriel Harrison

    yes, what is the nail polish sitting on please?

  • Judy Strickland
    Judy Strickland

    Sitting on a layer of dried white craft glue- then paint with polish.

  • Judy Strickland
    Judy Strickland

    I WAS WRONG! You do NOT need glue as a base. As I worked with just polish I found I got a gorgeous filled in petal as pictured. Takes practice but I tried the glue base - it was a MESS. Just practice and DON'T blow hard on it - leaves waves. Otherwise just like pictured using only polish.

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How to make wire-crochet jewelry - CraftStylish...FYI..use 28 gauge wire or thinner, works best. & always remember to pre-string your beads onto the wire.

How to make wire-crochet jewelry - CraftStylish

Wire Weaving Tutorial

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Steampunk ring tutorial by *bodaszilvia on deviantART

Steampunk ring tutorial by bodaszilvia on deviantART
  • Sitti Sarah
    Sitti Sarah


You can really make this stylish leather bracelet in 5 minutes or less, with just a few supplies!

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  • Preston Reuther
    Preston Reuther

    I just love this design! I would love to have a set of the ring and a belt!! Great job

  • Maryann Sieler
    Maryann Sieler

    i wish i could say it was me....

  • Preston Reuther
    Preston Reuther

    I think the silver findings along with the black gives it that look people like. Oh yea and it might make you a great hat band!

wire wrapping

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wire ring tutorial

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How to make your own spoon ring! How neat!

The 36th AVENUE | 25 DIY Handmade Gift Tutorials Part 2
  • Patty Griesbach
    Patty Griesbach


  • audrey graham
    audrey graham

    like this

  • baarbara mailman
    baarbara mailman

    i love the idea

Cool Shoe Lace Bracelets | Trusper

Cool Shoe Lace Bracelets

Free Wire Wrap Jewelry Patterns | learn how to make these silky draped wire wrapped Cabochons. This wrap ...

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  • Laurel Harkins
    Laurel Harkins

    Hi. I'm pretty new and can't figure out how to access tutorials? Thanks Laurel

  • Maryann Sieler
    Maryann Sieler

    i don't wire wrap but i put these up so other people can use them


    Laurel, is a membership site. You must register it is free. Patterns are for sale. There are several patterns where are free.

This looks fun!

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Jewelry Making Tutorial--DIY Conneted Jumprings Vintage Style Earrings

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Jewelry Making Tutorial--DIY Homemade Simple Pearl Bracelet and Ring | PandaHall Beads Jewelry Blog

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Personalize Your Own Jewelry - Making Your Own Bride Necklace from

Personalize Your Own Jewelry - Making Your Own Bride Necklace
  • StylishAndCrafty


Using two large focal beads and three small ones work as paving elements, learn to diy bead earrings in very limited time. Thus, for the novices, I recommend the diy earrings ideas.

Diy Earrings Ideas- How to DIY Bead Drop Earrings in Limited Time

easy earrings to make

Easy Earrings to Make – Nbeads

Wire Wrapping Half-Moon Shaped Earrings with Aluminum Wire and Agate Beads from

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  • Maryann Sieler
    Maryann Sieler

    i hope you can make these, i never tried.

black chandelier earrings of tri-loops

Black Chandelier Earrings of Tri-loops – Nbeads

Learning Jewelry Making- Create Personalized Charm Necklaces with Red Copper Wire from

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14-Wire Bracelet Wire Wrapping Jewelry Project

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bracelet tutorial

SaiFou Image | SaiFou
  • Janet Sullivan
    Janet Sullivan

    have been making these bracelets this past 6mos or so-you girls love them. As well as some of us older gals.

  • Maryann Sieler
    Maryann Sieler

    i wish i had someone to show me how....... i don't do crafts.

Vintage Spoon Pendants ... tutorial

Vintage Spoon Pendants

How to make an enameled necklace out of scrap copper.

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How to make cutlery jewelery.

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