Good for opinion or fact and going into critical literacy

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Freebie Fact/Opinion Sort.....and learn about frogs at the same time.

Teaching 4 Real: Fact & Opinion Freebie

FREEBIE Fact and Opinion (Frog Style) :)Practice this skill with a fun sorting activity. Your students will have fun learning about different types of frogs while sorting between facts and opinions about them.

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This is a wonder literacy unit. It includes 2 cookie mats, and multiple chocolate chip facts and opinions. Also, included are various extension sheets for your students to complete. This unit includes a nonfiction passage. According to the Common Core standards, students must have a lot of exposure to Nonfiction texts.

Fact and Opinion Cookies

Fact and Opinion Owl :)

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Fact/Opinion about MLK Jr.

Classroom Freebies: Martin Luther King Resources

Do your students have trouble distinguishing between fact and opinion

Fact and Opinion (Just the Facts Please)

Fact and Opinion

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Fact or Opinion Board Game!

Fact or Opinion Board Game! |

Fact and opinion

Ginger Snaps: Fact and Opinion Freebie!

From TEACH123 - FREE Read a fiction and non-fiction books about shamrocks. Suggested stories: Green Shamrocks by Eve Bunting and St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks by Mary Berendes. Discuss fact and opinion. List fact and opinions on chart tablet paper (signs included). Students will then write a story called "Seamus O'Green, the lonely shamrock". A characterization worksheet is also included.

St. Patrick's Day: The Lonely Shamrock

Fact and opinion chart

The First Grade Parade

Perfect for monthly animal focus. Do in group time and take home. Fact and opinions on animals

Classroom Freebies Too: Animal Facts and Opinions

{FREE} Skill: Fact and Opinion Practice this skill with a fun sorting activity. Your students will have fun learning about different ty...

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Free Fact & Opinion sorting activity...all about frogs...

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AWESOME fact and opinion ideas

Ten Ideas for Teaching Fact and Opinion

This Smartboard activity gives your students practice in sorting fact and opinion statements. Included are printable fact and opinion cards that y...

Fact and Opinion Smartboard Practice

Fact or opinion game

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fact and opinion

First Grade Wow: Fact and Opinion

This 26 slide PowerPoint presentation will help your students master the difference between fact and opinion.


Great fact/opinion example and visual.

Tales of a Teacherista: Printables

Skill: Fact and Opinion

Froggy Fact & Opinions

Ideas for teaching Fact and Opinion

Ten Ideas for Teaching Fact and Opinion | Minds in Bloom

Breaking down the School House Rock video to see where facts and opinions fit into it.

Teaching in Room 6: Circulation and Respiration

Fact and Opinion Sorting Activity!

Fact and Opinion Sorting Activity Pack