Peeling Paint - Lime and Rust

⇜ Rust Lust ⇝ rusted metal with gorgeous patina - Lime green and rust


This is a detail of a piece of rusted equipment in the Popeye Village in Malta.

Orange / Retro / Texture by ►CubaGallery, via Flickr rust

This artist found a graveyard of old vintage cars in a paddock and stated "I loved the orange rust texture on this car and how it provided a great background to contrast with the green grass. Grandin Road Color Crush on Burnt Orange

beautiful decay.. old machinery

Beauty in Decay - colorful rust - peeling, colour & surface texture inspirations. Rusting and ageing surface.


I like to think about the people who walked up and down these stairs in their glory days- what they were wearing and what they discussed. Old entrance hall in Tbilisi city centre, Georgia By Anna Bogush

the number nine, rust and peeling paint

Abstract Decay - An abstract close-up of the numbering on the side of a decaying, old-fashioned petrol pump. The Green Album


Door in Stone Town on Zanzibar. The doors were a big tell on prestige and a lot of work was put into carving doors. I want to walk the streets and pass all these beautiful doors.