Dolphins are one of the most amazing and intelligent animal species on the planet. Their playful nature, friendly behavior. Further Proof That Dolphins Have Human-Like Intelligence and Their Own ‘Language’

Snow leopard

Tang, the old female snow leopard at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts. Here comes Tang by nhpanda (still trying to catch up.


Nap time for me dad. Okay son . Yes son you know I love you and look out for you. So you can go To sleep now. Thanks dad. Your welcome son.

Thats an elephant... In a raincoat

In case you're having a bad's a picture of an elephant in a raincoat. An ELEPHANT in a RAINCOAT!

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Scottish Fold Cat - The Scottish Fold (or Coupari in Canada), has a dominant genetic mutation that causes the cartilage in their ears to have a fold, sometimes even up to two or three folds! This makes their ears flop forward, giving them their distinctiv

Oooo grumpy faaaace.

104 Grumpy Flat-Faced Cats

The Persian feline may be the poster youngster of flat faced cat, however it's certainly not the only short-muzzled charm around.


Its so funny how the cat couldnt tell him straight up that he is ummm having to have some stuff chopped off. And dogs and cats are suposed to hate eachother!

Possibly The Cutest Thing Ive Ever Seen. I should know, I have 4 Ragdoll babies thanks to great lady! Thanks Janet!