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Quotes about love ← #love #quotes These would also make beautiful personal wedding vows

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I love seeing this the day after my CrossFit competition. I am so worth it. And I didn't truly believe until I met a loving man who made me believe it too. He talked me into CrossFit and it's been an amazing experience for me ever since.

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I guess that we tend to forget this sometimes when we're too busy trying to please others or help them an even if we notice, it's not like we can just stop caring, or doing what we're doing because we have our reasons for sacrificing ourselves for others

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So many people take this to mean we did something negative. It could be taken both ways! We've all done bad things we said we wouldn't, but there are also things we thought we'd never be able to do and one day, all of a sudden, we do.

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Sometimes, I just feel happy. And everyone questions it. Like, why can't everyone just be happy? The teachers, students, even the bullies. If everyone was happy, the bullied wouldn't be called bullies. They'd be called the students. Gah.

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