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Do it Yourself

Do it Yourself

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sarah m. dorsey designs: Knocktoberfest | Tripod Floor Lamp -- make this cool lamp - easy and cheap!

sarah m. dorsey designs: Knocktoberfest | Tripod Floor Lamp

Vertical garden.

This well-designed garden plan makes it easy to put chickens to work in the garden. You can give your birds direct access to deposit manure fertilizer into your beds and enlist your birds for organic pest control as needed. Read more: www.motherearthne...

Tree Stump Table - 20 Cheap and Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas

A Work In Progress: Tree Stump Table
  • Bety Faneyte
    Bety Faneyte

    Love it, but withoud the legs it would look way better!!

  • Susan Skank
    Susan Skank


moccasin diy

FFFFOUND! | making_moccasins.jpg (JPEG Image, 875x1235 pixels)
  • Abby White
    Abby White

    Lol he's crazy

DIY Cement Planters via

Remodelaholic | DIY Cement Planters and Garden Globes

World Map Wall Art

World Map Wall Art - Slipcovered Grey

Lone Star cactus

  • Victoria McDermott
    Victoria McDermott

    Love this. I guess we could Narragansett cans in New England! Great idea.

How to Hang Picture Groupings

Tire Gardens - what type of paint do you need to paint tires.

Startseite - Heidi Klum
  • Vikki Parker
    Vikki Parker

    I've done some of these for the school I work at and I actually just used emulsion wall paint. I got the sort that you can have mixed to any colour you want and just got a 500ml tester pot. That gave me enough for 2 coats of paint and they still look good a year later.

  • Vikki Parker
    Vikki Parker

    there's a pic on my board if you're interested

  • Anna Kirk
    Anna Kirk

    Thanks for the paint info. so excited to try this.

  • Victoria Thompson
    Victoria Thompson

    Good luck Anna.

  • Laurel Gardner
    Laurel Gardner

    We also were wondering what to do with a few old tires that we have. Great idea , so simple to do. Thanks for info on type of paint to use.

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DIY moccasins

  • Flower Dork
    Flower Dork

    I'll whip up a couple pair tonight.

  • Cynthia Lee
    Cynthia Lee

    I have been thinking about finding a moccasin pattern at the local leather store. This one looks great, can't wait to try it.

  • Susan Trachtenberg
    Susan Trachtenberg

    I made these for my 2 yr old son a million years ago. They were really easy and came out great.

  • Julie Murkin Stallings
    Julie Murkin Stallings

    I'm going to give this a try. I wish there was a clearer picture or step by step instructions.

  • Susan Trachtenberg
    Susan Trachtenberg

    wait a minute. i just realised that mine had a different pattern. anyway, google how to make moccasins!

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Sometimes the key to making a fix is just knowing the right product to use. A team of professional carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians and fix-it gurus tell us what their favorite products are, and what they never leave home without.

Handy Home Products for Quick-Fix Repairs
  • Celie Atkins
    Celie Atkins

    This is a great place for yes I can!

How to nap -

Vintage Buttons Necklace

  • Lee Hill
    Lee Hill

    l ove it

  • Leah Olivia
    Leah Olivia

    Heather Dixon

  • Cindy Labrie
    Cindy Labrie

    like this

Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Camping Spices

Skruben: Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices
  • Beth Godwin
    Beth Godwin

    Really clever!

  • Mary Keeley
    Mary Keeley

    Great re-cycling!

  • Jim Lewis
    Jim Lewis

    Sherry Keppner

  • Dorothy Bentley
    Dorothy Bentley

    Great idea! Super for our 5th wheel!

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submerge pots to control herb growth

Tips for Planting Herbs
  • Betty Dettwiler
    Betty Dettwiler

    Coloured herbs can be used to fill in bare spots in perennial beds, then brought into the house in the fal to add to recipes later.

  • Stephanie Stromgren
    Stephanie Stromgren

    Love this idea!

  • Amanda Wedvik
    Amanda Wedvik

    This is also great for places that have crappy soil but you want to grow herbs outside... there's a lot of arsenic in my soil, so this is great!

  • Liz Miller
    Liz Miller

    That is such a clever idea

How to Grow Giant Sunflowers: tips from an expert

Bird house village

  • Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller

    that would be great for bats!

  • Peggy Jackson
    Peggy Jackson

    Here's one you don't have yet, Jennifer!!

  • Jackie Dykstra
    Jackie Dykstra

    fun idea for summer

DIY Herb Markers

August Wren: Herb Markers
  • Katie Willis
    Katie Willis


  • Katie Willis
    Katie Willis


  • Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller

    You can use paint, right? That wouldn't wash off Amy Carter

  • Christie Broughton
    Christie Broughton

    I use sharpie marker on mine. I just touch them up if they need it. Last for one season

  • Lisa K
    Lisa K

    This would be great for parent-volunteer gift with a small potted herb at the end of the year!

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book print ornaments make great gifts

  • Judith Santos Felizardo
    Judith Santos Felizardo

    Nice idea--

20 Rule of Thumb Measurements for Decorating Your Home.

  • Teresa Kohan
    Teresa Kohan

    looks like a useful pin


    I'm pinning to keep this on hand, as well! Thanks

old book pages as wrapping paper

  • Caity Paige
    Caity Paige

    The idea is great but it makes me sad old books were used just for someone to rip apart.

  • Dyan *GrinCat*
    Dyan *GrinCat*

    No. This hurts.

  • Kim Michael
    Kim Michael

    Old books? No. Beyond repair books? Yes.

  • Hildur Sólveig
    Hildur Sólveig

    Yoohoo! A map of Iceland

  • Lilja Klempan
    Lilja Klempan


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succulent table

DIY Succulent Table

candy cane sugar scrub

Jac o' lyn Murphy: Glamorous Girls' Get Together...Holiday Style
  • Tina Pike
    Tina Pike

    I want to try this

  • Joy Comstock
    Joy Comstock

    Where are the directions on making this?

  • Julia Blanco
    Julia Blanco

    Joy, just click on the pic and follow it - the recipe is there!

  • Betty Freeman
    Betty Freeman

    I also would like to try this

  • Amanda Walker Roe
    Amanda Walker Roe

    Great for Christmas gifts for co-workers! :)

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diy ornaments

  • Christine Barnard
    Christine Barnard

    What a great idea! Love it...

  • Jerri Williams-Rasse
    Jerri Williams-Rasse

    once upon a time, I collected cookie cutters. ..

  • Cathy Shepard
    Cathy Shepard

    Love your idea!

  • Colleen Hastings
    Colleen Hastings

    what a great idea! tfs