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Manly Things


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18 ways to tie a neck tie...

  • Stephanie Lambert
    Stephanie Lambert

    And i thought women had to make all the hard choices when it came to fashion!


The King by Gry Heubach | 500px

handmade Men Brown Leather Jacket men Brown leather by ukmerchant, $169.99

  • Cee F
    Cee F

    Awesomely manly...


long hair + beard

  • Maria Jose Uson
    Maria Jose Uson

    No, no and no

  • Design Packaging Inc
    Design Packaging Inc

    Why, because he has a beard? There is nothing unkept about this gentleman. It's best not to comment on style if you don't understand it.

  • Laurie


  • The Artful Bead SC
    The Artful Bead SC

    yes, yes, and yes

  • Lisa Richmond
    Lisa Richmond

    @Design Packaging: The word you are looking for is 'unkempt'.

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Vietnamese Jungle Centipede

  • Jennifer de Leon
    Jennifer de Leon

    I would have crapped my pants.

  • Paulina Arango
    Paulina Arango

    What about no

  • George Billmeyer
    George Billmeyer

    No that is a nopeipede

  • Miss7613524


  • John Lemire
    John Lemire

    LUNCH anyone?????

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fun socks


    Fashionable Notes

jim and kermit

Pictures & Photos of Jim Henson
  • Sue Crews-Harrison
    Sue Crews-Harrison

    What a loss when Jim Henson passed :(

  • Beth Kimmeh
    Beth Kimmeh

    ^^agreed. :(

  • Kelli Schweitzer
    Kelli Schweitzer

    What a great picture

1970 Mercedes-Benz C111

  • Elise ...
    Elise ...

    ca se passe `a l arriere d une merco benz...

  • Jonattan Agra
    Jonattan Agra




suum cuique pulchrum est


Sonnenleder Lenz Pencil Case

Sonnenleder Lenz Pencil Case - Hand-Eye Supply
  • Lawyer Network
    Lawyer Network

    Great Case.

50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men... pretty good list and has list from past years some can easily go for small gifts or christmas gifts for boys or men

50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

pattern matching

  • Jessica Burhans
    Jessica Burhans

    pants r wayyyyy too tight lol

  • Andrea Ramos-Love
    Andrea Ramos-Love


Texas Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX.

  • Kelley Messer
    Kelley Messer

    That's Abilene, not Austin. I live in Abilene, and this theatre is an awesome place.

  • Julie Romero
    Julie Romero

    That looks just like the one in Abilene Texas...

  • Julie Romero
    Julie Romero

    Okay it is the one here in Abilene. The one in Austin is just a P and only has a one sided now showing not 3

  • Lorane T Smith
    Lorane T Smith

    Got to get to Abilene and spend the day taking photos, beginning with this!

  • Dot Bolton
    Dot Bolton

    We are so fortunate to have the restored Pastime Theatre in Winfield, AL.


Sailor's Ring by Thomas.V - $135

pattern matching 2

pattern matching


  • Cheryl Littell
    Cheryl Littell

    there is something so sexy about a man dresssed like that

  • Sydney Chipman
    Sydney Chipman

    she's speakin the truth! lol

uniform portraits

  • Margaret Cooper
    Margaret Cooper

    Someone is missing...Paul Newman

  • Joan Hockman
    Joan Hockman

    I'll take Patrick Stewart.

  • Donna Ogden
    Donna Ogden


  • Bee's Knees Industries
    Bee's Knees Industries

    This is amazing! It seemed that the link to the original source wasn't working, so I did some sleuthing: Look at them all; just incredible!

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    missing Clint ,Sam Elliot,:)

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  • Lauren Garza
    Lauren Garza

    CG tie

  • Linda Esterline
    Linda Esterline

    if only more men dressed like this.....

  • Michelle LeBeau
    Michelle LeBeau

    Fantastic tie!

  • Debby Brady
    Debby Brady



  • Sue Scott
    Sue Scott

    where was this taken?


  • Michele Bolin
    Michele Bolin

    come play for me :)

  • Peter Carr
    Peter Carr

    Sean Connery's 007 Musos LINKS, FYI 4theGriRls On The Green Irish Dancing girls, Irish Fiddlers rule the Manly Roost on Fiddlers Green, Leather boots for Arkansas Manly Fiddlers, Thomas Jeffersen Starships Troopers, Central Coast Leagues Club, Chippendales, and Manly NSW, The Devil Went Down to Georgia in the Rising ANZACSun. see the Cavalrymans Poem Celtic Gaels Erlagen, Speed Fiddllers . xx

  • Kristina Pascua
    Kristina Pascua

    He is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Teresa LaFace
    Teresa LaFace

    Funny how most of us never even noticed he has no strings on the violin.. ;)

  • Jessica Lacey
    Jessica Lacey


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  • Terri Brewer
    Terri Brewer

    i need a new violin

  • Peter Carr
    Peter Carr

    The Untouchables from My Uncle Tom the Jazz Jack Rabbit musician

  • Pat Bostick
    Pat Bostick

    I like.

  • Cindy Lee Cann
    Cindy Lee Cann

    music to die for

  • Deborah McIntosh
    Deborah McIntosh

    My son would love this for his new gun.

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