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Sky Wave, Costa Rica

ice cream storm.

Underwater tornado

aloha-shy: underwater tornado <3 - vagabonds

tornado dropping down

Lightning Strike.


Love Share and Keep Smile — tornado

Rare Bubble Clouds

A MUST SEE VIDEO... TIME-LAPSE OF OKLAHOMA TORNADO 5/19/2013 (Shot from a helicopter) video sped up by 10x

Time-lapse: Tornado's path of destruction

Cloud spiral in the sky. An Iridescent (Rainbow) Cloud in Himalaya. The phenomenon was observed early morning on October 18, 2009


Mount Everest

Clouds by Macro photographer ( ♡ DS ), via Flickr


Cloud Formation tinged with red dust travels across the Indian Ocean.

Hanging on the clouds

2012 Storm... Snow Day Fun!

Rare snow storm in the desert of Arizona.

Ducks.C. Eichelberger I took this in October along the hudson river at my college. I went out along as the snow storm was hitting. I saw the few geese and follwed them around. As soon as I saw my chance SNAP and there you have it.

Taken after a snow storm in Maryland

After the snow storm.

Tornadic supercell thunderstorm over a plain in Mycroft, Wyoming, US. Supercell thunderstorms rotate with immense energy, causing a strong updraft and severe weather, including tornadoes, hail, heavy rain, lightning and heavy winds. Inside these severe long-lived storms the wind speed and direction changes with height. This produces a strong rotating updraft of warm air (a mesocyclone) as well as a separate downdraft of cold air. Around a third of supercells produce tornadoes and are termed tor

Ominous Storm, The Bermuda Triangle

あせふじこ | bluepueblo: Ominous Storm, The Bermuda Triangle ...

Darkening Skies, Ancona, Italy photo via adele