Amy Fleming played by Amber Marshall and Ty Borden played by Graham Wardle


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Ty:Hey,wat’s the deal with the babes?   Jack:U mean my GRNDDAGHTRS?   Ty:Grandaughters? (Jack nods) Oh, u don’t look old enough 2 have grandaughters.   Jack:Here’s the deal with them. u keep 10 feet away at all times. Any part of u that crosses that line will be removed.  Ty:I know that when I first got 2 Heartland,u said“stay away from ur grandaughters” or u’d kick me off the property.   Jack:As I recall,I told u that “any part of u too close 2 ‘em wud be removed”   Ty:That’s right,I member…

JACK: if you come ten feet near my grand daughter, I'll beat you up Well look now jack, there he is asking for your blessing AND YOU SAID YES!

Amy and Ty <3

Amy + Ty ❤️❤️ I love them they're perfect!

I love the one of Jack and Ty :)

heartlandians: “ Ty: First of all, I’d like to say that… um… I can’t believe you guys went to all this trouble just for me. This is amazing. I should be the one making dinner for you.


This is my favorite Heartland moment! (season Do or Die)

Ty & Jack

I love it when Jack and Ty are together! They're like father and son.

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