Ball Pendant Lights

enjoycolorfullife:sugarinteriora:pic by Valentina.

The signage here is different to the other pins as it is in keeping with the store frontage. It's style is quite farm like and I would expect it is a farm shop café. It's a beautiful store front with signage that clearly states it is a café.

Best tapas in San Sebastian (as if the crowd out front didn't speak for itself) Spain.

El Quinto Pino, standing tappas bar, Chelsea 401 W 212 206 6900

Flower Girl | New York

flower shop window lettering inspiration: Flower Girl, New York

Antwerp Cafe, Paris.I want to go see this place one day. Please check out my website Thanks.

Antwerp Cafe, Paris ~This gorgeous storefront is a perfect example of an inviting space. The bright colors, flowers and plants, and quaint awning all combine to create an inviting space that whispers: "come on in.

Smug | London -★-

What beautiful branding - Smug

Bar Sajor Wood Fired Oven, Remodelista

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The Wood-fired Oven at Bar Sajor in Seattle

La Infinito, café-libros-arte, Madrid.

La Infinito bookshop café in Madrid / photo by James Madden In my dream house, I'll have a den with a sign above the door like this.

Lahloo Pantry | Bristol

Lahloo Pantry Whole Wheat Home Made Pancakes Baked Doughnut muffins with Blueberry Jam just a picture but it's cute for a bakery

Copenhagen, Denmark (by BumbyFoto)

Heering Restaurant and Bistro in Palægade, Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, DK,

The Whale Wins Seattle Restaurant/Remodelista

The Whale Wins Seattle Restaurant/Remodelista Love this place!