Oregon, IL / Stronghold Camp and Retreat Center is operated by the Presbyterian Church to offer you a safe youth program and a serene environment.
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an easier tent to make? I'm thinking it could work as a moveable quiet space and/ or depending on what you use to cover it, a mobile barrier game & felt/ fleece board for various activities.... Next project?

Pendulum Painting. This would be a great science based lesson for EOY. This was always one of my favorite projects in middle school and I still have all my "drawings" now. Great way to tie a lesson in with this and very inexpensive. - Heart-2-Home

Make a prayer book. Each page of the book has something they are supposed to pray about - or something they want to pray for.

Did you go to camp as a child? Do your kids now? Summer is coming quick. Think of all the great memories you made at camp and how you can share those with your kids.

Camps are Cool... Camps are Powerful Camps help build: Confidence Self Esteem Courage Friendships and much much more #Stronghold #BecauseofCamp