New Zealand Travel Tips – How To Speak Like a Kiwi Bro!

Sheep Dog Trials and Sheep Farming for Beginners. Border Collies Training in Wales not New Zealand! Post about Sheep Herding and Sheep Dog Trials

Multicoloured Chickens in India!

Funny travel photo of chickens for sale from India. Talk about multicoloured fowl!

Eating Dog Head – Straight From The Supermarket!

Weird travel photo from Vietnamese supermarket - if you feel like eating dog head! Not for those with a squeamish stomach! More weird food around the world

Annoying People You’ll Probably Meet When You Travel in Asia!

Although this isn't really a rant - It's just a light hearted observation of some annoying people you'll probably meet when you travel in Asia!

Want to stay at Yoda's place on AirOMG? Check this place out!

Want to stay at Yoda's place on AirOMG?

Taking The Piss – Distilled Cow Urine! Yum.

Taking The Piss – Distilled Cow Urine!

Longest Place Name in the World #Wales

The longest town name in Wales, let along Great Britain: Llanfair­pwllgwyn­gyllgo­gery­chwyrn­drobwll­llanty­silio­gogo­goch.or Llanfair for short

Travel Photo Roulette #67!  This week we're the host and the subject is "Travel Fails"

We're hosting this weeks Travel Photo Roulette . This week: TRAVEL FAILS!

Weird Waving Dog in Hong Kong! #WTF #China #Dog

This dancing poochie was spotted in Hong Kong! While pushing my new video editing skills to the max, I realise need to get out more often.

The worst and most offensive menu ever?! #China #Chinglish #Travel

The worst and most offensive menu ever?


Night markets, food markets, fruit markets, Saturday and Sunday walking street markets - Chiang Mai has more night markets than you'd ever need!

The Ultimate Guide to Killing Mosquitoes. Enough said! #Travel #TravelTips #Mosquitoes

Eight reasons mosquitoes prefer some people over others

A Hug From The Hugging Mother: A First Hand Account #HuggingMother #India #Mental

I Spent a Week in the Home of India's Most Famous Living Guru