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Tom Hiddleston' Voice. Tom Hiddleston reads Shakespeare's iconic Sonnet 18. [The Love Book]. Link:


Didjibodhrán The didjibodhrán is an original hybrid instrument. It's an Irish frame drum, called a bodhrán, that has a stretched goatskin head. The ceramic drum frame is also a circular didjeridu. When blowing into the didjibodhrán as a didjeridu, the drum head vibrates sympathetically, creating some eerie pseudo-reverberation effects.


Love the vampire diaries the guys are so bold and confident and arent afraid to go after what or who they want

RESERVED FOR PHYLLIS Firework original watercolor painting 4x6 inches

In the spirit of almost Halloween heres an illustration of famous vampire fangs #funny #spirit #halloween #illustration #famous #vampire #fangs #humor #comedy #lol