cross-stitch with washi tape--how-to

Washi Tape Cross-Stitch Wall Art (DIY) A clever wall art idea as it doesn't harm the wall, is temporary (so you can change whenever the next whim comes alson), and it's a fun rainy day project! Visit Becoming Gezellig for more info.

Faire frou frou

Shop Talk: Faire Frou Frou

navy and gold

LOVING this navy & white chevron accent wall with the gold mirror.which wall in our house should I do?

Fitting rooms -cute

dressing room 3 curtain rods, 3 dividers, 3 stools, and 3 mirrors. Also add 3 dirty clothes baskets, and hooks for hanging outfits

You look wonderful! Changeroom?

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mirros in changeroom - billy reid atl

mirros in changeroom - billy reid atl

lovely bridal la

Two Lovely Brides

old changing room with a vintage dress on display with jewelry and accessories

corner dress bar

Corner rod for planning outfits/what to wear the next day. Super duper clever for those wasteful corner spaces! You could put a corner shelf above and plan your shoes and jewelry too! --or just devote a space for such in future walk-in closet!