organizador de bolso

Light grey bag organizer - small size (W H D ), also for a school / baby bag, desk, car & etc.

Simple sac à dos de jeans

СУМОЧКИ своими руками

one piece patterns. one piece bags... The first one is the most useful for veg tan.

One piece tote sewing pattern. I am looking forward to sewing a tote in a size I want!

Tote, Striped Tote, Striped Bag, Mikuya *°º0º°**°º0º°**°º0º°**°º0º°**°º0º°**°º0º°**°º0º°**°º0º°**°º0º°* A new design with striped cotton a medium to

Tote, Striped Tote, Striped Bag, Mikuya :: add zipper to the pocket edge?

Sac avec poche extérieure

WC Tote- exterior comprised of black canvas, bright olive green linen and a chambray blue linen pocket. Antique brass rivets accent and reinforce

Free sewing pattern. With applique, quilting, flowers, bright fabrics, pieced panels, etc, these cute cosmetics bags are a great way to teach sewing or practice your skills too. Can't stop making them!

Quilted floral cosmetics bag – free