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Scott Reeves

I'm a designer, illustrator and teacher. This is where I collect links for my students and interesting things for myself.
Scott Reeves
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Martin PBM Mariner

Really want excellent ideas concerning RC cars? Head out to this fantastic website!

The beautifully restored "Sentimental Journey" B-17 flies overhead at the Thunder Over Michigan Airshow.

That’s a lot of heavy, shiny metal flying through the air in the form of “Sentimental Journey,” a beautifully restored Boeing Flying Fortress. Photo by Jason Mrachina.

B-17 Flying Fortress

The tail gunner had to crawl through a tunnel (under the tail stabilizer) and lay prone on his belly for the entire mission. The space was the size of the open end of a rubbish barrel!

Maintaining Sperry ventral ball turret on a B-17 Flying Fortress

(Uncle Bus was Belly Gunner on a in WW II - MG) Gunner Richard Getty checking out his machine gun ball turret which he named “Ball of Fire” in the belly of his crew’s Flying Fortress, September 1942

William Beebe inside the Bathysphere.

William Beebe, left and Otis Barton with the Bathysphere 1931 William Beebe inside the Bathysphere beebe‑autobio.jpg Bathysphere on disp.

The Bathysphere- Myst IV by Rizomes on deviantART

Here's my comment back then, working on Myst IV revelation "That was my gentle hell for a couple of weeks, and I loved it. The Bathysphere- Myst IV