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Huge List of Contemporary Artists

Huge List of Contemporary Artists -

Andy Warhol Artist Fact Sheet for Kids

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Fun impressionist art projects for kids - work on art like Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt - with these Mary Cassatt art projects for kids.

Mary Cassatt Art Projects for Kids: Impressionist Art for Kids

This fun Renoir art project is a great way to learn about his artwork and learn how to paint with tints and shades. It's a simple, fun project for kids!

Renoir Art Project for Kids

Kandinsky Student Art

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Deep space sparkle, Patty Palmer a blogger as well as an art teacher- great to follow for kids crafts in particular!

Deep Space Sparkle | Inspiring children one color at a time

Art: Over 2,500 Works

Art: Over 2,500 Works

The Great Wave- fourth grade art

Mrs. Gutterman's Art Blog

Art School for Kids Art Videos of the Masters

Featured artists in Art School for Kids


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Keith Haring Figures | Keith Haring figures - Raising Arizona Kids Magazine

Keith Haring figures - Raising Arizona Kids Magazine

Looks like a nice site for finding artists. You can search by technique, movement, style. It has an art timeline.

modern & contemporary artists |

Hokusai. Collage lesson or painting lesson?

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Gustav Klimt: Adele Bloch-Bauer, 1907. I believe there was a romance between artist and subject...

Online Art Gallery -

The beauty of Austria represented by a tree "Under the Tree of Life" by Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt, 1908

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Gustav Klimt.

Two Girls With An Oleander - Gustav Klimt -

The Dancer, Gustav Klimt

Turn of the Century, Gustav Klimt, The Dancer [more Klimt]

"The Tree of Life" by Gustave Klimt

Log In - The New York Times

Gustav Klimt

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Joan Miro's Painting - The Garden Coloring Page

Joan Miro's Painting - The Garden Coloring Page

Art with Mrs. Seitz: Rousseau Tigers

Art with Mrs. Seitz: Rousseau Tigers

One of the best ways for a student to connect with art is through narrative, or story. Really, it’s not just appropriate for just students–we all connect through narrative. Narrative is how all of us see the world and how we connect with each other. We put together stories in our heads for situations in …

Exploring Narrative in Art - The Art Curator for Kids

Art Studio America | Chuck Close

Art Studio America