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Stupendous Marriage

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I can't wait to try some of these! The husband will LOVE this! www.TheDatingDiva...

20 Sexy DIY Bedroom Recipes

Things your husband longs to hear from you

Speak Your Approval ~ What Every Husband Wants to Hear

Stupendous Marriage Manifesto

From Shabby to Stupendous » Stupendous Marriage

Is your marriage feeling dull and boring? Do you need to spice things up a little? Investing in your marriage can be hard work. Here are 18 simple tricks to help you spice up your marriage.

18 Simple Tricks To Spice Up Your Marriage

Praying for husbands bookmark ~ can be downloaded and printed.

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Some great thoughts here... Don't necessarily agree 100% with all of them... But always good to keep good thoughts for marriage close at hand :)

Positive Marriage Quotes - Happy Wives Club

A Listener says "I can't Turn my Husband On! Help!" The Latest Stupendous #marriage show #podcast!

135 - I Can't Turn My Husband On | Stupendous Marriage

10 Things We'd Say About Sex If We Had No Filter! Stu and Lisa take on the challenge to talk about sex in marriage #podcast #marriage #sex

134 - 10 Things We'd Say About Sex If We Had No Filter | Stupendous Marriage

Stu and Lisa Talk about #50ShadesofGrey, plus setting boundaries for a new family

132 - Two Shades of the Grays | Stupendous Marriage

Journaling to Help Your Marriage

Journaling to Help Your Marriage | Stupendous Marriage

Stu and Lisa talk about Hope when things are difficult, plus fallout from #50ShadesofGrey #marriage #podcast

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Talking Inlaws and Boundaries on Today's Stupendous #Marriage Show!

129 - Inlaws and Boundaries | Stupendous Marriage

Stu and Lisa answer an email from a husband in a sexless marriage for 3 years, plus a little about their move to the new house!

131 - A Sexless Marriage » Stupendous Marriage


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Great happens on both sides of the marriage equation - not just to wives or husbands!

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The New York Times bestselling Happy Wives Club eBook is only $.99 TODAY Only! It's available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Google Play. Hurry and grab your copy!

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Standing Up For What Is Right For Your Family

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Forgiveness in marriage is one of the topics on the latest Stupendous #Marriage Show!

121 - Talking Forgiveness | Stupendous Marriage

Marriage Communication Tip: The Mirror...have you tried this technique in your marriage? Join the Stupendous Community and let us know:

Marriage Communication Tip: The Mirror | Stupendous Marriage

4 Ways to Embrace YourDifferences

4 Ways to Embrace Differences With Your Spouse - Time-Warp Wife

The Latest Stupendous Marriage Show....featuring Equip Your Marriage! Kyle and Tammy Gabhart talk about their new book - The Phoenix Marriage

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Lisa and I were interviewed by Jeff Sanders at the 5AM Miracle podcast!! Lots of fun with Jeff - Hope you enjoy it :)

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Episode 115 of the Stupendous Marriage Show... 2 Questions from, a husband wants to make things right after cheating on his wife. Another...her sister accuses her husband of grabbing her bum. Listen at StupendousMarriag...

115 - He Touched My Sisters Bum - Stupendous Marriage

Managing Expectations with Your Spouse - the Latest Show from Stupendous Marriage!

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