Jen ~ Being Confident of This

Jen ~ Being Confident of This

Writer. Speaker. Disciple-maker. Encourager to those frustrated by failure and plagued by perfectionism. Join us:
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A great object lesson for #pumpkin carving. Use for a family fall activity, a #homeschool lesson, a children's church talk, etc. Detailed, step-by-step instructions included. The Pumpkin Gospel from Being Confident of This #faith #Halloween #objectlesson #Fallfun #trunkrtreat #AWANA

In need of deep spiritual growth this year? Here is a power-packed list of 25+ FREE resources that encourage godly, grace-filled growth. There is something here for everyone!

That fifth cookie, that movie you're dying to see, that strong word bursting forth from your mouth, that stray thought, that questionable relationship, that extra sleep - whatever it is that keeps us from the abundant good God has planned for our lives quickly becomes slavery. His boundaries are better, friends. God's boundaries, sin, obeying God, why God's rules matter, christian living, christian women, abundant life, living God's way, the good life, devotional thought

It's human nature to buck boundaries, test the limits, but what if God's boundaries are really for our own benefit? A look at why God's no is good for us. Saying no to sin, God's boundaries for our benefit, christian women, christian living, weight loss journey, weight loss struggles, obeying God, the benefits of obeying God, devotional thought

After several months of studying prayer, I'm on my way from being a prayer slacker to a prayer warrior. You can be, too. via @lynnae_mccoy

Why is global missions so crucial? And what can we do to further the spread of the gospel to unreached people groups? We can start right in our own homes! Join us for a series on teaching missions at home for parents, teachers, children's ministers, sunday school teachers, etc.

Free visual reminder of your work-in-progress status. Hang it in your war room, beside your bed, on your mirror - wherever you will see it most! free bible verse printable, printables for Christians, encouraging quotes, freebie

Every marriage goes through difficult seasons, and in those seasons, we often feel stuck. Here's a way to get out of that rut. Save your marriage by...

Are you frustrated by failure you in your marriage? Do you wish your marriage was stronger? We're offering this free ebook, Hope for the Hurting Wife, for a limited time only! discouraged wife, want to be a good wife, feeling unloved, husband doesn't love me, troubled marriage, difficult marriage, marriage problems, confident in marriage