Small Shelves with baskets attached to cabinets. I like the baskets and they way the counter top is level with sink.

Baskets add space to small kitchens, by My Perfect Nest. Often times, the ends of cabinets go unused. Attaching shelves to either the cabinets or walls gives additional space to place baskets or containers for sundry kitchen items. My Perfect Nest

kitchen storage organization

With these 11 tips, even the tiniest of kitchens can fully accommodate your needs. If you can’t tear down walls to add more shelves and cabinets, look to these ideas to make the most of your kitchen storage options. Like the under sink storage idea!

Rooster by Ilse Kleyn, oil on canvas.

Rooster by Ilse Kleyn, oil on canvas.

Coffee Tea Drinks Country Kitchen Rooster

Set of 4 Mugs - Coffee Tea Drinks Country Kitchen Rooster Themed Dinnerware New

French Country Kitchen Window

Farm sink with lovely cased windows--soft floral valance and a sunlit garden out the window. I'd want to wash dishes all day! Love the rooster and hen too.they say "French Country" so well.

lot's of tips on this site. I could look here all day, and get inspiration and not get anything done! Love it! Her warning: "Do not let perfection get in the way of getting things done! Just do what you can can always come back and change things up later. Remember...we are working towards making things better - not perfect!

How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Need Eds help on this one. Pinned from: Pregnant. with power tools: Cheap Easy DIY Bathroom Cabinet Drawers