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like a true maknae XD

And by that I mean, "DEAR GOD, I don't even know how to thank You for giving me such an unbelievably adorable husband." x''''''''''D My baby panda Zitao.

Kyungsoo's voice is lovely

Kyungsoo's voice is lovely all of their voices are nice actually besides the mc his voice is skeacky but I live the shoes he MCs on he's funny

I feel you, Tao. Even though, I wouldn't be hungry afterwards...

Idl how to feel because Tao looks so fucking cute here that I'm tearing up but luhAN'S FACE PLS

Few times when EXO unintentionally curse on broadcast. Bonus, Rapmon choking on air because of Suho XD

Few times when EXO unintentionally cursed on broadcast. while they had to delete kai's and chanyeol's cut of the haunted house in exo showtime bc of too much swearing xD