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Periscope out Crown Plaza's debut album! #StartDigging!

Crown Plaza - Self-Titled

Periscope out Crown Plaza's debut album! #StartDigging!

Sub-Rock Recommends the Mad Ones' new album "Regretless"! Start Digging!


REGRETLESS by MAD ONES, released 03 March 2017 1. End Of You 2. Love Me Again 3. Regretless 4. In The Palace 5. Leave It 6. Right And Wrong 7. Different Kind Again 8. It Never Rains 9. Amaze 10. Claws And Teeth 11. Love Me Again (Again) Fortune Stellar Records 2017

Periscope out The Saturns' music video for "Got What It Takes"! Start Digging!

The Saturns - Got What It Takes

Sam Hunter - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Austin Valentine - Vocals, Drums, Maracas h...

Sub-Rock recommends Mark Martyre's new album "Bluebird"! Start Digging!!

Bluebird, by Mark Martyre

Bluebird by Mark Martyre, released 01 March 2016 1. Where I'm Bound 2. Too 3. Lonely Victory 4. Long Goodbye 5. Listen 6. Ain't Finished Yet 7. Another Night, Another Song 8. Maria, I Still Believe

Sub-Rock Recommends New Hands' new album "Leave With The Night"! Start Digging!

Leave With The Night, by New Hands

Leave With The Night by New Hands, released 03 November 2015 1. Decide & Conquer 2. Strange Attractor 3. Fair Game 4. Tulips 5. This I've Heard 6. Swimming 7. Whichever Way You'll Have It 8. Leave With The Night 9. Dreamer 10. Ebb & Flow Album by New Hands. Other things: Pat - Jaunt: Ben - Benjamin Muñoz: Spence - Essen:

Always Waiting EP, by Deep Sea Diver

Always Waiting EP by Deep Sea Diver, released 02 September 2014 1. Always Waiting 2. Juno Song 3. One By One 4. All Chalked Up

Hippie Cream's new EP "Trying to Turn a Unicorn Into a Horse"! Start Digging!

CD Baby Music Store

Listen to and buy Hippie Cream music on CD Baby. Download Trying to Turn a Unicorn Into a Horse by Hippie Cream on the independent record store by musicians for musicians.

Joseph Ruddleston's new album "Into Embers"! Start Digging

Christmas In Alaska, by Joseph Ruddleston

Joseph Ruddleston Brooklyn-based song-storyteller with all sorts of stuff pouring out of the holes in his voicebox. Christmas In Alaska, released 04 December 2018 I'm going north for Christmas, Right on through the states, Until I see Alaska, I'll circumnagivate, I'm flying to Nenana, It's covered all in white, Along a frozen river, I'll see the northern lights, I'm going north for Christmas, Right on through the states, Until I see Alaska, I'll circumnagivate, It'll be a lonely journey, Led…

The Vickers' new album "Ghosts"! Start Digging!

Ghosts, by The Vickers

Ghosts by The Vickers, released 04 April 2014 1. She's Lost 2. I Don't Know What It Is 3. Senseless Life 4. It Keeps Going On And On 5. All I Need 6. Hear Me Now 7. Inside A Dream 8. Walking On A Rope 9. Total War 10. Ghosts 11. Love You To (Digital bonus track) 12. See Me Jumping On The Stars (Digital bonus track)

Chocolate Robots album "Pizza Face"!

P i Z z A f A c E, by Chocolate Robots

P i Z z A f A c E by Chocolate Robots, released 08 November 2011 1. impossible princess 2. Young Luff 3. xxCross tha Linexx 4. Funny Feeling 5. Dumb Angel 6. Cotton Candy 7. Soul Shoes 8. Ratical Powers 9. Purrfect Szound (furr S_M_ Jenkins) 10. Summer Krushhh

French Films About Trains' EP titled "Boxing Day"!

Boxing Day, by French Films About Trains

Boxing Day by French Films About Trains, released 26 December 2011 1. Pillar to Post 2. Winnipeg 3. Bookmarked 4. Runaways 5. Hope & You This past summer while on a road trip, we both decided it would be nice to make a Christmas or "Wintery" EP. About 15 days ago, we realized time was rather rapidly slipping away from us. We only had the sketch to 1 1/2 songs, and so we wrote out all of our winter thoughts. Without planning for it to be, it became an agglomeration of nostalgia, regret…

Any Kind's album "Anykind"!

A N Y K I N D, by Any Kind

A N Y K I N D by Any Kind, released 21 December 2012 1. Only Gonna Let You Down 2. Never Seen Anyone Out There Like You 3. Two Shakes 4. Sunny Daydreams 5. Easy Thinking 6. Can't See It 7. Talk to Me Now 8. Preacher Scandal 9. Right Right Now 10. One More

Little Lonely's album "Little Lonely"!

Little Lonely, by Little Lonely

Little Lonely by Little Lonely, released 22 June 2013 1. Penny's First Available 2. All Night 3. Carnival King 4. Top Stair 5. The First Time You Left Me 6. Jesus Is In My Swimming Pool 7. Joanna 8. Little Lonely's Lament 9. Interstate Hum 10. Buttonwillow 11. Old US 40 Turnstyled Junkpiled "A perfect blend of folk, indie-rock and Americana Music. Little Lonely's raspy haunting twang conjures an alternate universe where Chan Marshall and Julee Cruise might hang together at a lost roadside…