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Success Freaks #141 - Temptations Join Mordant & McFall in Episode #141 as they trudge down that dark, spooky road-more-traveled-by path that is Temptation. Sharing some of their own “distractions,” your Success-Freaky men let you know that having temptations is not bad but normal, and anyone at anytime has them. Welcome to the Being Human club.

Success Freaks #140 - Lessons Learned Tune in as Mordant & McFall give a very candid chat about some of their own mistakes, missteps, and failures. Even sharing some of the good that came from the personal tragedy in their own lives. Remember, every experience holds within it the opportunity to learn from your missteps – it’s all about Perspective.

Being Human - MWTV #345 This month on “Success Freaks” (March 2014) we’re dealing with “Being Human” and what that means for those of us in pursuit of our dreams. Those mistakes we make that cause us to stumble and get in our own way. How, though going for the gold, we often end up in the gutter.

Success Freaks #139 - Blowin' in the Wind Episode #139 covers the difficulty some of us have with being blown every-which-way – off course in the Bermuda Triangle whilst trying to navigate the storms. Tempests often brought on by our own actions and inactions.

Success Freaks #138 - Your Business, Your Community This episode of Success Freaks covers different communities from all over the world. Mordant begins the conversation with his recent visit to Roatan, Honduras and the Made In Roatan shop he found there.

Success Freaks #137 - Modern Family Join your Success Freaks as they chat with stars from the upcoming web series “My Two Black Girlfriends.” Together they discuss their experiences with intolerance, differing family dynamics in today’s society, and creating a web series that crosses some many lines & barriers.

Success Freaks #136 - Hit Refresh Busy People, this episode is for you! There is always work to be done. Always something getting in the way of you recharging your creative batteries. You need to learn to be okay with taking a Recess.

SF #135 - Abracadabra - The Magic of Connections This episode marks yet another milestone and new beginning for your Success Freaks. Mordant & McFall are stretching themselves, growing into a new format that will level up the Level Up Guys beyond even their current not-so-humble radio-show plateau.

Success Freaks #134 - Living The Dream w/Guest Host Tracy O'Brien

Living out loud #26 - live in the moment you choose - R. Mordant Mahon and I are focusing our thoughts and messages to give practical ways to level up your lives as we level up ours. This is my first shot in hopefully many to come of not just rambling about my life, but focusing on the level up. I talk about NMX thus year and last, how I realize we live moment to moment, and how you can intentionally use that to get through the tough times. #levelup