Pavement tiles, Barcelona (Gaudí)*

omg love this! Use Tin Ceiling tiles to imprint in concrete Pavement tiles, Barcelona. ~ when i was there a few years ago, i was amazed by the sidewalks. theywent on for miles miles.

A pair of Art Deco period walnut armchairs from France c.1930, through Carl Moore Antiques

A pair of Art Deco period walnut armchairs from France c.1930

shoe shop - getting your feet measured...

shoe shop for school - getting your feet measured. kinneys shoes remember that

Vintage Fudgsicle bag My mother and I loved these and ate them often when I was little. They don't make them like that any longer, but I will say I have tried the Wal-Mart brand fudge bar and they are the closest to the real thing I have found in years.

Fudgsicles Tasted Creamy And Not Like Chemical-Chocolate! The red dot memory. My favorite ice cream and it does not taste the same today.

Remember the ropes! PE--Hated this!

I avoided having to do the rope climb in high school PE - when/where I went to school this was considered a 'boy's only' feat to have to accomplish! Good thing - I am sure I would never have been able to get up very high! Did you have to do rope climb?

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Gramophone - legacy record player from the bygone vinyl LP era, it makes a nice decor showpiece


Bobsey Twins books - loved these as a kid. Oh, Freddie, Flossie, Burt and Nan.

Metal skates strapped onto our shoes!

Metal skates strapped onto our shoes -- Spent lots of time skating with these!

I remember my mom had these I use to sneak them because they were like candy.

ayds diet candy- I remember these being advertised during the soap operas my mom used to watch when I was a kid.

Jukebox - Artdeco

Seldom seen Art Déco Shyvers "Multiphone" jukebox selector in cast aluminum, bearing a strong resemblance to the Empire State Building. The 1935 Shyvers Multiphone was invented by Ken Shyvers, who is also credited for inventing the pinball machine.