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101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication: How researchers are getting to grip with the myriad of new tools.

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The Perfect LinkedIn Profile, No Matter Your Position #smlondon

Creative Commons Photos

How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos


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Workplace technology is important to internal collaboration. According to an article by Jessica Miller-Merrel, social media has “changed the way we engage, innovate and collaborate internally as well as externally.  Add in the growing millenial workforce who are flexible and technology savvy in direct contrast to their Boomer bosses, and you have one conflicted and crowded workplace.”

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A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to #Twitter #seuss [#infographic]

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Secrets to a Perfect Profile Photo [INFOGRAPHIC] | Social Media Today

Secrets to a Perfect Profile Photo [INFOGRAPHIC]

Never underestimate the power of the hashtag via @carmenionescu52

#YourBrandHere: The Power Of The Hashtag (INFOGRAPHIC)

Social Media Cheat Sheet For Businesses [Infographic]

Ultimate Tips & Social Media Cheat Sheet For Businesses [Infographic]

Why do people unfollow brands on social media? [New Data] via @HubSpot

Why People Unfollow Your Brand on Social Media [New Data]


Which UK Brands are the Best on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] #smlondon

SOCIAL MEDIA - The Science of What, When, and How to Post on #SocialMedia - #infographic.

The Science of What, When, and How to Post on Social Media

A Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine: Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet

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The Social Intranet Infographic — Intranet design, intranet consultant, social intranet, website planning – Prescient Digital

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The History of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing and how they benefit your business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Why are infographics so popular? Because they help us cope with information overload. ‪#‎smlondon‬

9 Informative Infographics To Guide Your Visual Content Marketing

2014 Social Media Trends - Visual Guide to Best Practices

A Visual Guide to Social Media Best Practices

The 9 types of Facebook users [INFOGRAPHIC] #smlondon via @socialmedialond

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How do you increase engagement on YouTube [infographic]

DR4WARD: How Do You Increase Engagement On YouTube? #Infographic


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Portrait of a Mobile Consumer [infographic]

DR4WARD: What Is The Portrait Of A Mobile Consumer? #Infographic

4 Social Media trends already shaping 2014 [Infographic]

4 Essential Social Trends for 2014 | Social Media Today

Updated guide to social media image dimensions

Updated Guide to All Social Media Image Dimensions

How Big is Tumblr? [infographic] via @SocialMediaLond #smlondon

How Big is Tumblr? [INFOGRAPHIC] #smlondon - Social Media London

11 essential ingredients every blog post needs [infographic]

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