Phonemic awareness

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Phonemic awareness

Phonemic awareness

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Beat the drum for every syllable in the picture

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Over 500 colorful picture cards for teaching phonemic awareness skills- beginning sounds, onset-rime, segmentation, blending and more!

Phonemic Awareness Activities On the Go!

Teaching the number of syllables in each child's name

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Counting Sounds in Words {FREE Sound Cards Included!} | This Reading Mama

Counting Sounds in Words {FREE Sound Cards Included!}


Phonemic Awareness Task Cards: CVC Words

What is rhyming? Why is it important to teach young children how to rhyme? The first part of a five part rhyming series.

Why is Teaching Rhyming Important? - Fun-A-Day!

Picture Book Poetry: Introduction to Rhyme gives young students a familiar introduction to poetry and rhyme through picture books they already know. $

Elementary Poetry: Introduction to Rhyme (based on picture books)

"Growing Syllables" (from Kindergarten Crayons)

Are you munching on carrots...check out these plastic ones!

The 3 Best Rhyme Games for Kids | Parents | Scholastic #weteach

The 3 Best Rhyme Games for Kids

Phoneme segmentation

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FREE Rhyme Time Pack {Updated and Expanded} with TONS of hands-on activities to reinforce identification and production of rhymes | This Reading Mama. Many many active activities for learning reading skills

FREE Rhyme Time Pack {Updated and Expanded}

Great phonemic awareness activity to use during small group instruction.

8 Great Ideas for Teaching Segmenting and Blending

RHYTHM STICKS AND RHYMING WORDS! Need a good ACTIVE GROUP GAME with a strong Rhythm Pattern that your kids can follow? Get out your RHYTHM STICKS and 'keep the beat! Your kids will dress up a BIG stuffed animal as the "Mugwump Party Queen"! They'll create funny RHYMES FROM CONTEXT CLUES as they dress the 'Queen' in her party clothes. (7 pages) MULTI-SENSORY LANGUAGE ARTS from Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

"Mugwump Party" Group Game - Big Fun with Rhythm and Rhymes!

Plunging into differentiated segmenting

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Syllables Activities Mini Packet - This is a mini unit containing a few activities to help young students identify and count the syllables of a word.

Syllables Activities Mini Packet

Lots of good ideas for Seuss week

Mrs. Plant's Press: Let's Celebrate Reading!

The unit plan on phonemic awareness and phonics fun teaches how to decode 3 letter words using synthetic phonics method. The 6 sounds covered in this unit are /a/ /h/ /m/ /r/ /c/ /t/. The lesson explains step by step the how to help children to read in an explicit and systematic manner. Directions: Print, cut, and laminate the picture cards. Activity set includes a) Step-by-step teaching instructions b) 6 letter cards (1 vowel card and 5 Consonant Cards) c) Activity Worksheets

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Fun Unit Plan

One Extra Degree: Flip the Sound

One Extra Degree: Flip the Sound

Beginning sounds

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Great video for teaching sounds and blending sounds to read words.

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A great way to introduce your child to blending sounds!

Sound It Out Parking Lot - I Can Teach My Child!

Clap and Clip the syllables

Clap and Clip Syllable Counting

Phonemic Awareness FUN! Isolating initial sounds in words.

Phonemic Awareness Isolating Initial Sound Reading Activities

beginning sounds & phonemic awareness and classification with zoo magazine pictures | guest post by Aubrey Godden @ Montessori Mischief on Amy Lyons mascott amy mascott @teachmama #weteach

phonemic awareness and classification with zoo magazine pictures

Introduce Syllables to preschool, kindergarten, grade school and ESL students with Syllables song and lyrics.

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