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an abstract painting with multicolored lines on it
a painting of yellow tulips with red in the middle and green leaves around them
The Lonely Red Tulip
Acrylic on canvas - 18 x 24
a painting of tulips in a blue vase
The Turquoise Vase - Mixed Media - 24 x 30
a painting of purple irises in a white vase on a brown and beige background
The White Vase - mixed media - 24 x 36
a woman standing in front of two paintings
Jurors Award
a painting of pink flowers in a blue vase
The Blue Vase - Mixed Media - 16 x 40
an abstract painting of three people standing next to each other
Sisters - 24 x 30 Acrylic
an oil painting of some mountains in the snow
Moonlight on the Cliffs of Kremmling - Acrylic - 24 x 36
an oil painting of purple flowers in the grass
Summer Chives - Acrylic - 12 x 18
an abstract painting with red, yellow and green colors on the water's surface
I Found My Soul in the Sand - Acrylic - 22 x 28
an oil painting of a mountain at sunset
Red Sky at Night-Fishers Peak - Acrylic- 18 x 36
a painting of palm trees in front of a blue sky
Willa went to California. 12x36 Acrylic by Suzanne Connors
an orange and purple painting with hills in the background
Rolling Hills and a Red Sky - Acrylic - 8 x 10
a painting of cows standing in a row on a grassy field under a blue sky
What You Looking At - 12 X 24 Acrylic
an oil painting of a field with trees in the distance
Old Route Six, Iowa-Acrylic Painting by Suzanne Connors