Monthly meal planning. This woman only spends about 350 dollars per month to feed a family of 6! She has some great ideas and her post was incredibly detailed. Great info to have on hand!

Greater Things: Monthly Meal Planning - she fed a family of 6 (plus 2 meals to take to friends) for 329 dollars for one month. REAL food, not the beans 4 times a week meal plan on another site.

21 day organization challenge

Holiday Sparkle 21 Day Organization Challenge Organize your entire house by doing ONE small section in just 21 days! Great idea, do you think the family will go for it?

How to organize a whole house. SO many great ideas! Pin now, read later.

A divided tray is a great way to keep entryway clutter organized and easy to find when heading out the door in a jiff! - IHeart Organizing: Organized "Dream Home" Tour

Sewing Room

Craft room with cutting table ~ Oh my dream room! *sigh* :) Shelves in the back for bolts of fabric.

TONS of amazing ideas for unique and beautiful storage! By Raising up Rubies

Raising up Rubies: a cute place to make stuff ♥ Love Jaime's creative space. geared for sewing but wonderful lay out. Oh to have that much space to set up as my creative place.

Three quick ways to organize a craft room

Creative Organization & Storage for Scrapbooking & Craft Rooms

Use a Project desk as a crafting space in the corner of a small room. Hanging galvanized buckets organize craft supplies on the wall above the desk. Perfect for small spaces!

Make your own Quilting Ironing Board

Highlights From Higher Ground: A Serious Ironing Board! This might be easier to handle than taking the big board off my regular ironing board when I want to iron clothes. Two ironing boards.why not?

Island for Craft Room - I like the open squares for available storage

Possible Duplicate for Dinning Room Table. Artful Leigh: Craft Room- clever how she made the large craft table with 2 cabinets, and her own top (I made mine with organizers from Closet Maid I got at Target & particle board w/laminate top)

DIY Craft Table; tabletop at IKEA for $25 and two $15 Walmart bookshelves.    Totally doing this for my craft room

DIY Craft Table - Worktable - Desk: Buy two Walmart bookshelves and sheet of cabinet grade plywood. Use liquid nails to the underside of the table top to hold it in place between the 2 bookcases. Add baskets to store practically anything out of sight.

I crocheted up a bunch of these for my sister-in-law as part of her Christmas gift; an eco-friendly alternative to disposable makeup remover pads.

My Sweet Somethings: Free Pattern Friday - Reusable Crochet Cotton Facial Scrubbies- free pattern. I like the "puffyness" of these.