nuno by nendo


penchant-for-design: “ Japanese design studio Nendo has created Nuno, a series of lamps for Vibia. “We layered and adhered cloth (‘nuno’ in Japanese) onto the surface of a resin-formed lampshade to.

'Hydra' Pendant Lamp

'Hydra' Pendant Lamp

Created by California-based Roxy Russell, the Medusae Collection is a series of four pendant lamps designed to look like freshwater jellyfish. The lights are made from polyester mylar and measure nearly three feet in height.

Nimbostratus - a spoon rest

Nimbostratus - a spoon rest

heel by nendo


Heel chair by Nendo for Moroso Milan Japanese design studio Nendo presents a chair inspired by the spike heels on a pair of stilettos at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

'Ophelia' Pendant Lamp

'Ophelia' Pendant Lamp

Image of 'Ophelia' Pendant Lamp Medusae Collection of lamps by Roxy Russell Design

Lady of the House - Nina Yasher

Alessandra Facchinetti: Lady of the House

Handpainted vintage cup & saucer set of two by Room for Emptiness

Hand-painted vintage cup & saucer, set of two "somewhat angular"

Kenyon Yeh side tables

Kaki side table has been created by Taiwan based furniture designer Kenyon Yeh. A lightweight and aesthetically austere piece, Kaki can serve to hold .

Angus and Celeste

Angus and Celeste are a duo from Melbourne who create beautiful ceramic pieces for home, garden and to wear.

ceramic birdhouse by clayopera

ceramic birdhouse handmade polka dot and hearts by clayopera