Maine  Coon Cat - gorgeous!

The very large and beautiful Maine Coon cat is one of the oldest known long-hair breeds in America.

Regal black cat..  ♥

Black Beauty I adore black cats! We have 4 :-) Spookie, Charlie, Zoe and Meeko

Harry Winston advertsing campaign, photographed by Laziz Hamani.

Millionaire kitty wearing Harry Winston jewels by photographer Laziz Hamani by Levine/Leavitt



Dad and Son Love.CHE' dad i'm just playing.♥♥Love you Dad you are awesome.

ready for his close-up

* * " Der be a nice tea room on Vine Street. Weez could goes get a cuppa and haz a nice chat < (meaning TALK, not kitteh).

i like cats.

Cozy up to this sweatshirt AND the idea of being smothered in a pile of lovable cloned cats.