blurt chart

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making an envelope book

Enjoying your envelope book

Super cute bucket fillers.

A Day in the Life of a Classroom Teacher: Classroom Tour 2010-2011


Homework can be fun with...

Happy birthday balloon taped to a pixie stick! CHEAP, CUTE, and WHAT CHILD DOESN'T LOVE PIXIE STICKS?!

What the Teacher Wants!

Balloon Ping Pong

The Weekend Homemaker

S.M.A.R.T. test.

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Highlighting Names

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bucket filling

Suddenly...2nd Graders!: September 2010

Great for pulling out of a bag to call on students. OR, put magnets on them to use on the front of their desks!

First Last!

Classroom chants

Growing Kinders: Sight Words {and} Chants

with pop rocks attached

tHe fiCkLe piCkLe

Schema - our mental file

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Teacher/Student responsibilities Venn Diagram

Lesson Plan SOS

Posters: Compliant learners and Engaged learners

Debbie Diller | A journey in learning


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The pants hold smarties candy. When a student does something good they get the candy and a sticker to wear around! Such a cute idea!

Teacher on Target!

Brain sprinkles!

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Love this idea!

Growing Kinders

lucky duck

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student accountability

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great idea - can totally be tweaked for a variety of topics

the teacher wife

LOVE this idea for Chit-Chat time each day!

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use this idea for anytime a move happens

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