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A home-made chicken feeder - made by the chicken chick on facebook


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DIY Flock Block Substitute

homemade flock block substitute-- this is a great way to keep your chickens from getting bored and pecking each other.


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Cake for the Chickens! The general measure is this: for each 1-1/2 cup measure of liquid fat, add about 5 cups of cereals, 1-1/2 cups of seed, and ¼ cup seed/nut butter.


Cake for the Chickens!

Winter chicken care can be confusing, whether you're new to chicken keeping or a seasoned flock master. Find all the answers here.

Winter Chicken Care: Common Questions and Answers

chicken feeder by Laura Taylor Bucket with a water tight lid, or trash can even. 6" 90° elbow - I have Australorp, big combs. Trace the elbow in 1, 2 or even 3 spots around the bucket. I use a dremel multimax to cut the holes. Either cut out a small notched section at the end of the elbow or cut the hole so the bottom of the elbow is just above bottom of the bucket. I use PVC cement, holds up a couple years to hard use before you have to cement back in place.

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To encourage your chickens to drink in hot weather... - chickensraising

To encourage your chickens to drink in hot weather fill a dish with ice water & dump in black oil sunflower seeds. They drink as they go for the seed.


Peck-It-Clean Veggie Feeder for Chickens