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The map that shows where America came from: Fascinating illustration shows the ancestry of EVERY county in the US Census data shows heritage of 317 million modern Americans Clusters show where immigrants from different nations chose to settle.

American Map of Ancestry. This map, which shows the dominant ancestry in each U. county, is a wonderful show of American diversity and a living museum of America's history of immigration, voluntary as well as forced.

US counties where Minorities are the Majority

As of last summer, 364 counties, independent cities and other county-level equivalents did not have non-Hispanic white majorities – the most in modern history.

Manarola is very much on the radar, but the other 9 are some good suggestions. 10 Insanely Gorgeous, Under-the-Radar European Destinations. Looking for sites to see in Europe?

Alex Kolodyazhni - Alex Kolodyazhni photographs ‘Dasha,’ where a model in lingerie poses naturally within a homey environment.

Native American Women | Native American woman possibly at Stephan, S.D. -- select to view ...

I was recently asked how I became interested in Native American Spirituality and what I felt that we can all learn or should learn from the Native.