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Don't worry about the complicated design terms. Here's a quick lesson/ refresher for all those finicky design terms you think are holding your inner graphic designer back! 40 Complex Design Topics Explained Perfectly By Infographics – Design School

Typography And Font Deconstruction Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Computers category. Check out Typography And Font Deconstruction now!

Interesting facts before going to sleep

Interesting facts before going to sleep

Kelly Thorn's Modern Monograms

Join Lettering Artist Kelly Thorn and learn to combine the refinement of traditional monograms with the playfulness and fun of modern illustration.

The Best Blogging Cheat Sheets

It's always good to get it straight from the horses mouth, but who has time to find out all the up-to-date sizing info from each social platform. So here is a handy cheat sheet design