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    Suki Nelson
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    Suki Nelson

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    oh hello.

    Why yes, I am wearing space pants, why do you ask?

    from the sartorialist, which i love. i want my hair to do this.

    danish modern folding corded footstool/camp stool.

    danish modern folding corded chair. there are matching footstools.

    easy, lovely dress pattern. need to find time to sew again soon.

    the guerrilla girls' bedside companion to the history of western art.

    doubt i could pull this off. but i like it.

    if i didn't ruin my nails the second they're done, i'd want this.

    the bodum santos electric vacuum coffee maker. if you can find it, it makes great coffee and looks cool and science-y doing it.

    encyclopedia of the exquisite, by jessica kerwin jenkins. informative, well-written, and as lovely as its cover.

    ikea SOLSTA sofa bed, $149 but i got it for $70 in scratch and dent.

    i can't tell if her hair is pinned up or that short and curled at the ends, but i like it.

    attn Lauren Orso we found these owls you were missing

    oh and also this, but replace the pug with a boston terrier.

    look i just want this every day. that's all.

    meadow-style planted tank. i wish.

    Edward Harris Heth's The Wonderful World of Cooking.

    GENIUS. LO: oh, #fuckdude. RP: Turn your toaster sideways to make grilled cheese!

    obviously, need to get this poster.

    bell, book and candle. adorable, witty, ridiculously stylish.

    i already have the apron. wanted this dress in white eyelet for my wedding, might still get it in another color.