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Crystal Desert World Terrarium – Small | Bioattic - Specialty Plants

The Bioattic Crystal Desert World Terrarium is a miniature landscape of crystals, unique cacti, succulents, stone and rock. Extremely low maintenance and very hardy. A misting of water once every couple of weeks in summer…

Bioattic Terrariums - Nature in Microcosm Bioattic Terrariums are beautiful miniature landscapes, a slice of nature housed in glass. Terrariums are perfect for adding stunning plant life to your home or office.

руки тамблер арт - Поиск в Google

руки тамблер арт - Поиск в Google

Pansies in my Grandpaps old coal bucket ~

I have several old coal buckets that I use for planters. The Old Blue Bucket: Thinking Outside The Pot ~ Unique planters ~